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Claim of Damage or Injury

To submit a claim for damages or injury against the City of Richardson, please click on the above Claim of Damage or Injury Form, complete the information, upload estimates and submit the form.   (If you prefer to mail your claim, print this Claim Form, complete/sign/date the form, attach estimates/other documents and mail to the address shown on the form.)  Once we receive the completed form, the incident will be investigated and a response will be provided to you.

Please provide two estimates for repair and any other documentation that you feel should be considered when reviewing your claim.


Exceptions to Liability

The City of Richardson does not have liability for all types of claims for damages.  State law provides that cities are immune from liability for various activities, such as damages resulting from street conditions.  If it is determined the City may be liable, the City will work with you to achieve an equitable settlement.  If the results of our investigation into the facts and applicable laws result in no liability for the City, you will receive a letter stating that your claim has been denied.

Article 17, Section 17.02. 
Notice of Damage or Injury, of the City Charter

The City of Richardson shall never be liable for any personal injury, whether resulting in death or not, or for damage to real or personal property unless the person who is injured or whose property is damaged or someone in such person's behalf, or in the event the injury results in death, the person or persons who may have a cause of action under the law by reason of such death injury, shall file a notice in writing with the city manager or city secretary within six (6) months after the day that the incident giving rise to the claim for damage or injury occurred, stating specifically in such notice when, where and how the exact injury, death or property damage occurred and the full extent thereof, together with the amount of damages claimed or asserted. Provided, however, nothing herein contained shall be construed to mean that the city waives any rights, privileges, defenses or immunities which are provided under the common law, the Constitution and laws of the State of Texas. 


Under State law the city is not liable for any claim unless proper and timely notice of claim is filed with the city; and is not liable for property damages and personal injuries caused in the performance of a governmental function. The liability of the city for property damage and personal liability is limited by the Texas Tort Claims Act and other applicable law. The city is not responsible or liable for damages or injuries caused by independent contractors. The city is not responsible or liable for property damage caused by a defect in a road, alley or on city property unless the city was aware of such condition at the time of the incident and failed to warn the public of such condition. The city is not responsible or liable for property damage or personal injury arising from the use of a motor driven vehicle or motor driven equipment unless caused by the negligent use of a motor driven vehicle or motor driven equipment by a city employee acting within the scope of employment. The city is not responsible or liable for personal injury arising from a condition or use of personal or real property unless caused by the negligence of a city employee acting within the scope of employment.


 Contact the City Secretary's Office at 972-744-4292 if you have any questions.


Last updated: 9/16/2016 1:42:32 PM